Interface TimeBase

public interface TimeBase

A TimeBase is a constantly ticking source of time. It measures the progress of time and provides the basic means for synchronizing media playback for Players.

A TimeBase measures time in microseconds in order to provide the necessary resolution for synchronoziation. It is acknowledged that some implementations may not be able to support time resolution in the microseconds range. For such implementations, the internal representation of time can be done within their limits. But the time reported via the API must be scaled to the microseconds range.

Manager.getSystemTimeBase provides the default TimeBase used by the system.

JDE 4.0.0
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Method Summary
 long getTime()
          Get the current time of this TimeBase.

Method Detail


public long getTime()
Get the current time of this TimeBase.

The values returned must be non-negative and non-decreasing over time.

the current TimeBase time in microseconds.
JDE 4.0.0

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