This package defines the specific Control types that can be used with a Player.


Interface Summary
FramePositioningControl The FramePositionControl is the interface to control precise positioning to a video frame for Players.
GUIControl GUIControl extends Control and is defined for controls that provide GUI functionalities.
MetaDataControl MetaDataControl is used to retrieve metadata information included within the media streams.
MIDIControl MIDIControl provides access to MIDI rendering and transmitting devices.
PitchControl PitchControl raises or lowers the playback pitch of audio without changing the playback speed.
RateControl RateControl controls the playback rate of a Player.
RecordControl RecordControl controls the recording of media from a Player.
StopTimeControl StopTimeControl allows one to specify a preset stop time for a Player.
TempoControl TempoControl controls the tempo, in musical terms, of a song.
ToneControl ToneControl is the interface to enable playback of a user-defined monotonic tone sequence.
VideoControl VideoControl controls the display of video.
VolumeControl VolumeControl is an interface for manipulating the audio volume of a Player.

Package Description

This package defines the specific Control types that can be used with a Player.

MIDP 2.0

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