Package net.rim.blackberry.api.pim

Provides access to the BlackBerry Address Book, Calendar, and Task applications to view, add or change users' contacts, appointments and tasks (deprecated).


Interface Summary
BlackBerryContact Deprecated. In favour of BlackBerryContact.
BlackBerryContactList Deprecated. In favour of BlackBerryContactList.
BlackBerryContactList.AddressTypes Deprecated. In favour of BlackBerryContactList.AddressTypes.
BlackBerryEvent Deprecated. In favour of BlackBerryEvent.
BlackBerryPIMList Deprecated. In favour of BlackBerryPIMList.
Contact Deprecated. In favour of Contact.
ContactList Deprecated. In favour of ContactList.
Event Deprecated. In favour of Event.
EventList Deprecated. In favour of EventList.
PIMItem Deprecated. In favour of PIMItem.
PIMList Deprecated. In favour of PIMList.
PIMListListener Deprecated.  
RemoteLookupListener Deprecated.  
ToDo Deprecated. In favour of ToDo.
ToDoList Deprecated. In favour of ToDoList.

Class Summary
PIM Deprecated. In favour of PIM.
RepeatRule Deprecated. In favour of RepeatRule.

Exception Summary
FieldEmptyException Deprecated. In favour of FieldEmptyException.
FieldFullException Deprecated. In favour of FieldFullException.
PIMException Deprecated. In favour of PIMException.
UnsupportedFieldException Deprecated. In favour of UnsupportedFieldException.

Package net.rim.blackberry.api.pim Description

Provides access to the BlackBerry Address Book, Calendar, and Task applications to view, add or change users' contacts, appointments and tasks (deprecated).

All the APIs in this package have been deprecated in favour of those found in javax.microedition.pim and net.rim.blackberry.api.pdap. All the APIs in this package are scheduled for removal in the next release of our JDE/SDK.

Original description follows...

The PIM class provides methods for accessing PIM databases on the handheld.

The PIMList interface represents common functionality of all contact, event, or task lists. The ContactList, ToDoList, and EventList interfaces extend PIMList and provide access to the application databases on the handheld. A list contains zero or more items. Use PIM lists to organize related items and to retrieve some or all of the items in the list.

The PIMItem interface represents the common functionality of an item in a list. The Contact, Event, and ToDo interfaces, which extend PIMItem, represent a collection of data for a single entry, such as a calendar appointment or a contact.

For more information about this class or about the personal information management (PIM) API, refer to The PDA Profile specification (JSR-000075) for the J2ME(TM) Platform.

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