Package net.rim.device.api.browser.plugin

Defines the Plugin API used to add support for specific mime-types to RIM's browser application


Interface Summary
BrowserPageContext Describes a collection of particular rendering properties.

Class Summary
BrowserContentProvider Defines functionality required of a provider of specialized browser contents.
BrowserContentProviderContext Collects context information handed to a browser field provider by the rendering session.
BrowserContentProviderRegistry Registry to handle registration of browser content providers.

Package net.rim.device.api.browser.plugin Description

Defines the Plugin API used to add support for specific mime-types to RIM's browser application.

The Plugin API supports third-party applications that want to register themselves with the rendering library as rendering providers for specific mime-types not currently supported by RIM's browser application itself.

General use

In order to provide enhanced mime-type handling to RIM's browser, third party applications must implement the abstract methods in BrowserContentProvider. The rendering library can then invoke getAccept and getSupportedMimeTypes to find out what mime types the provider can assist with.

To register itself as a provider of enhanced browser fields, the provider should first invoke BrowserContentProviderRegistry.getInstance() to retrieve a handle to the system's provider registry. Then, the provider can invoke register on that registry instance to register itself as a browser field provider.

When it needs a special browser field to handle an enhanced mime type, the rendering library can invoke getBrowserContent on the appropriate provider to retrieve one. To this method, the rendering library passes a BrowserContentProviderContext object, which the field provider can use to retrieve information about the task it's being asked to assist with.

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