Interface ChainableCollection

All Superinterfaces:
CollectionEventSource, CollectionListener
All Known Implementing Classes:
UnsortedReadableList, ReadableListCombiner, LongSortedReadableList, IntSortedReadableList, BigUnsortedReadableList

public interface ChainableCollection
extends CollectionEventSource, CollectionListener

Base functionality for a collection that can receive and emit collection events.


    private CollectionListenerManager _listeners = new CollectionListenerManager();

    public void addCollectionListener( Object listener ) {
        _listeners.addCollectionListener( listener ):

    public void removeCollectionListener( Object listener ) {
        _listeners.removeCollectionListener( listener ):

    // To fire events, do something like this:
    _listeners.fireReset( collection );

    // The CollectionListener implementations need to do the special handling
    // of the objects and then propagate the events on.  If the event isn't
    // handled, then it should be propagated, like this:
    public void reset( Collection collection ) {
        _listeners.fireReset( collection );

See Also:
CollectionListener, CollectionEventSource

Methods inherited from interface net.rim.device.api.collection.CollectionEventSource
addCollectionListener, removeCollectionListener
Methods inherited from interface net.rim.device.api.collection.CollectionListener
elementAdded, elementRemoved, elementUpdated, reset

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