Class HashResourceBundle


public class HashResourceBundle
extends ResourceBundle

Contains locale-specific objects, with primary use of integer keys.

Constructor Summary
HashResourceBundle(Locale locale)
          Constructs new HashResourceBundle instance for locale.
Method Summary
protected  Object handleGetObject(int key)
          Retrieves resource object by key.
 void put(int key, Object value)
          Updates value for resource object.
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Constructor Detail


public HashResourceBundle(Locale locale)
Constructs new HashResourceBundle instance for locale.

locale - Locale for this resource bundle.
Method Detail


protected Object handleGetObject(int key)
                          throws MissingResourceException
Retrieves resource object by key.
handleGetObject in class ResourceBundle
key - Integer key associated with resource object.
Resource object associated with integer key.
MissingResourceException - If the object associated with the key not found.
JDE 4.0.2


public void put(int key,
                Object value)
Updates value for resource object.

Invoke this method to add or adds or replaces a key-value pair. Using null for the value will remove the pair the map.

key - Integer key for resource object.
value - New resource object for provided key; if you pass null for this parameter, this parameter removes the resource object if one already existed, or simply does not add it to the bundle.
JDE 4.0.2

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