Package net.rim.device.api.synchronization

RIM Device collection synchronization library.


Interface Summary
OTASyncCapable Interface for objects that are capable of being sync'd or backed up/restored over the air.
OTASyncListener Interface for classes that want to be notified of OTA sync operations.
OTASyncParametersProvider Interface for classes that want to provide explicit settings for some/all of the parameters required for OTA synchronization or backup/restore.
OTASyncPriorityProvider Interface for providing sync priority of sync collections over the air.
SerialSyncListener Deprecated. Use SyncEventListener
StateInfoListener An interface to be implemented by a SyncCollection if it is interested in generating or responding to changes in the State Info field used during serial synchronization.
SummaryParameterListener A SyncCollection that is interested in the summary parameter passed with the summary command should implement this interface.
SyncCollection A collection of SyncObjects used for backup/restore and synchronization.
SyncCollectionSchemaProvider Interface for SyncCollections that wish to provide a schema definition.
SyncCollectionStatistics A collection of SyncObjects used for gathering statistics Each application that supports synchronization maintains a collection of synchronized objects, with each collection identified by a unique name.
SyncConverter The SyncConverter is used to convert data from object to serialized form.
SyncEventListener A listener for synchronization events.
SyncObject An object that may be stored in a SyncCollection.

Class Summary
ConverterUtilities A set of static utility methods used when formatting or parsing data used during serial synchronization with the RIM desktop.
OTASyncCapableSyncItem A SyncItem that is capable of being sync'd or backed up/restored over the air.
SerialSyncManager Deprecated. Use SyncManager.
SyncCollectionSchema Schema definition for SyncCollections.
SyncCollectionStatisticsManager A SyncCollectionStatistics Manager for managaing SyncCollection statistics
SyncItem Provides an implementation of SyncCollection to provide small objects with easy access to the Synchronization API.
SyncManager Handles all synchronization and backup/restore activity for the system.
UIDGenerator A utility class to generate 32-bit unique IDs that can be used for synchronization or any other purpose.

Package net.rim.device.api.synchronization Description

RIM Device collection synchronization library.

The synchronization API provides the functionality required to synchronize data between the handheld and the desktop software. It contains the classes and methods to allow developers to provide backup and restore functionality to their applications.

Backup and restore allows you to create a link between the data stored on your handheld and the data stored on your desktop computer. When the data stored on your handheld is modified, the associated data stored on your desktop becomes syncronized when the device is cradled. The data on the desktop is only synchronized if the data on the handheld has been modified. Backup and restore can be used to backup large amounts of data, such as address books or databases or to backup small amounts of data such as user options or device settings.

The synchronization API consists of Synchronization collections (SyncCollection) that contain synchronization objects (SyncObject) and synchronization items(SyncItem).

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