Interface FieldChangeListener

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public interface FieldChangeListener

Listener interface for handling Field change events.

Classes that want to handle change events should implement this interface. Field classes identify the listener object to handle change events with their setChangeListener method.

Note: A listener may get notified by an unexpected field. For example, suppose one registers to listen to a ChoiceField. If the user puts the field into "change option" mode, this funtion will be called from that instance. Use Field.getOriginal() to find out what the original field is.

See Also:
Field.setChangeListener(FieldChangeListener), Field.getOriginal()

Field Summary
          Indicates field change was done programmatically.
Method Summary
 void fieldChanged(Field field, int context)
          Invoked by a field when a property changes.

Field Detail


public static final int PROGRAMMATIC
Indicates field change was done programmatically.
Method Detail


public void fieldChanged(Field field,
                         int context)
Invoked by a field when a property changes.

field - The field that changed.
context - Information specifying the origin of the change.
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