Interface Persistable

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
Certificate, CryptoSystem, DHKey, DistinguishedName, DSAKey, ECKey, KEAKey, Key, KeyStoreData, PrivateKey, PublicKey, RSAKey, SymmetricKey
All Known Implementing Classes:
BigIntVector, BigLongVector, BigVector, CodeSigningKey, ControlledAccess, DataBuffer, HttpHeaders, PersistentObject, PersistentStore, SparseList, StringMatch, ToIntHashtable, MultiMap, LongIntHashtable, LongHashtable, IntVector, IntStack, IntMultiMap, IntLongHashtable, IntIntHashtable, IntHashtable, ContentProtectedVector, ContentProtectedHashtable, ByteVector, TripleDESKey, SkipjackKey, RSAPublicKey, RSAPrivateKey, KeyPair, RSAKeyPair, RSACryptoSystem, RC5Key, RC2Key, KEAPublicKey, KEAPrivateKey, KEAKeyPair, KEACryptoSystem, InitializationVector, ECPublicKey, ECPrivateKey, ECKeyPair, ECCryptoSystem, DSAPublicKey, DSAPrivateKey, DSAKeyPair, DHPublicKey, DHPrivateKey, DHKeyPair, DESKey, CAST128Key, ARC4Key, AESKey, HMACKey, ASN1BitSet, CertificateStatus, CertificateServers, CertificateServerInfo, CertificateExtension, WTLSDistinguishedName, WTLSCertificate, X509DistinguishedName, X509Certificate, CMSReceiptData, AssociatedData, OID, ServiceRecord, ServiceBook, ServiceBook.ServiceStatus

public interface Persistable
extends net.rim.vm.Persistable

Every object that can persist between handheld resets must implement persistable.

A class must explicitly implement this interface for the system to persistently store instances of the class. Sub-classes do not inherit implementation of this interface. In the following example, Bar instances cannot persist, because the class does not explicitly implement the Persistable interface (if you attempt to store a Bar object in the persistent store, the device will raise a JVM error):

  class Foo extends Vector implements Persistable { // }
  class Bar extends Foo { // }

Here are some key points you should note about persistant data:

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