Interface TLEFieldController

public interface TLEFieldController

Defines methods to read and write type-length encoded (TLE) fields.

Method Summary
 void dumpField(int type, DataBuffer db)
          Retrieves field's data into buffer.
 boolean processField(int type, int length, DataBuffer db)
          Processes the data in a field.

Method Detail


public boolean processField(int type,
                            int length,
                            DataBuffer db)
                     throws IllegalArgumentException,
Processes the data in a field.
type - Type byte of the field.
length - Length of the field.
db - DataBuffer containing the field's data; read position in the buffer must be at the start of the data for the field.
True if the buffer's data is consumed; otherwise, false.
IllegalArgumentException - If data buffer and type don't match.
EOFException - If end of buffer is reached before length read.
JDE 4.0.2


public void dumpField(int type,
                      DataBuffer db)
Retrieves field's data into buffer.

Variable-length fields (such as one containing sub-fields) can implement this method to dump their entire contents into the provided data buffer.

type - Type of field from which to extract the data.
db - Data buffer to contain the data extracted from the field; upon return, write position in the buffer must be at the end of the field's data.
JDE 4.0.2

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