RIM Device Java Library

4.0.2 Release

J2ME CLDC Packages
java.io Provides for system input and output through data streams.
java.lang Provides classes that are fundamental to the design of the Java programming language.
java.util Contains the collection classes, date and time facilities and miscellaneous utility classes.
javax.microedition.io The classes for the generic connections.

J2ME MIDP Packages
javax.microedition.lcdui The UI API provides a set of features for implementation of user interfaces for MIDP applications.

The MIDlet package defines Mobile Information Device Profile applications and the interactions between the application and the environment in which the application runs.

javax.microedition.rms The Mobile Information Device Profile provides a mechanism for MIDlets to persistently store data and later retrieve it.

J2ME MMAPI Packages
javax.microedition.media The MIDP 2.0 Media API is a directly compatible building block of the Mobile Media API (JSR-135) specification.
javax.microedition.media.control This package defines the specific Control types that can be used with a Player.

J2ME WMA Packages

J2ME PDAP Packages
javax.microedition.pim Provides a standard mechanism for accessing PIM information on a device

J2ME Location Packages

BlackBerry API Packages
net.rim.blackberry.api.browser Provides access to the BlackBerry Browser application to create and display HTML or WML pages and to set browser options.
net.rim.blackberry.api.invoke Allows third-party applications to remotely invoke internal applications
net.rim.blackberry.api.mail Provides functionality for sending, receiving and accessing email messages using the BlackBerry Messages application.
net.rim.blackberry.api.mail.event Defines messaging events and listener interfaces to manage those events.
net.rim.blackberry.api.menuitem Provides functionality for adding custom menu items to applications.
net.rim.blackberry.api.options Provides functionality to add items to the handheld Options screen.
net.rim.blackberry.api.pdap Contains interfaces third parties should implement to conform to the PDAP specification on the RIM device
net.rim.blackberry.api.phone Provides access to the BlackBerry Phone application to initiate calls, receive notification events, and change phone options
net.rim.blackberry.api.phone.phonelogs Provides access to the Phone application's log files
net.rim.blackberry.api.pim Provides access to the BlackBerry Address Book, Calendar, and Task applications to view, add or change users' contacts, appointments and tasks (deprecated).

RIM Packages
net.rim.device.api.bluetooth Provides serial communication support for bluetooth connections.
net.rim.device.api.browser.field Provides access to browser-component functionality you can incorporate in other applications
net.rim.device.api.browser.plugin Defines the Plugin API used to add support for specific mime-types to RIM's browser application
net.rim.device.api.collection Defines basic functionality for data collections.
net.rim.device.api.collection.util Provids a variety of collection implementations and utilities.
net.rim.device.api.compress Provides components for compressing and uncompressing data.
net.rim.device.api.i18n Provides functionality that supports the internationalization of applications on RIM Devices.
net.rim.device.api.io Provides a library of components to manage data I/O.
net.rim.device.api.itpolicy Contains the classes that define IT Policy functionality.
Lightweight Data Access Protocol (LDAP) Classes and Definitions.
net.rim.device.api.lowmemory Low Memory Classes and Definitions.
net.rim.device.api.memorycleaner Memorycleaner classes and definitions.
net.rim.device.api.mime Provides components for manipulating streams of MIME encoded data.
net.rim.device.api.notification Provides functionality to trigger event notifications through Consequence (i.e., tone, vibration or LED) or NotificationEngineListner (i.e., dialogs or interaction screens on the device).
net.rim.device.api.servicebook Service Book Classes and Definitions.
net.rim.device.api.synchronization RIM Device collection synchronization library.
net.rim.device.api.system Provides a variety of system-level functionality.
net.rim.device.api.ui Provides fundamental functionality for constructing the user interface of a RIM Device application
net.rim.device.api.ui.component Provides a library of prebuilt interface components and controls for constructing usable UI applications
net.rim.device.api.ui.container Provides a library of prebuilt interface component mangers for constructing usable UI applications
net.rim.device.api.ui.text Provides classes to filter text strings containing various kinds of data.
net.rim.device.api.util Provides a host of utility methods and intefaces useful within the context of the Device's system.
net.rim.plazmic.mediaengine Plazmic Media Engine.
net.rim.plazmic.mediaengine.io Plazmic Media Engine I/O.

RIM Crypto Packages
net.rim.device.api.crypto This page contains a tabular description with hyperlink to the members of the crypto API.
net.rim.device.api.crypto.asn1 Abstract Syntax Notation (ASN.1) Classes and Definitions.
net.rim.device.api.crypto.certificate Certificate Package.
net.rim.device.api.crypto.certificate.status Certificate Status Classes.
net.rim.device.api.crypto.certificate.wtls WTLS Certificate Classes and Definitions.
net.rim.device.api.crypto.certificate.x509 X.509 classes and definitions X.509 is the most common standard for defining digital certificates.
net.rim.device.api.crypto.cms Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) Classes and Definitions.
net.rim.device.api.crypto.encoder Key and Signature Encoder Classes.
net.rim.device.api.crypto.keystore Keystore Classes and Definitions This page contains a tabular description with hyperlink to the members of the crypto API.
net.rim.device.api.crypto.oid Object Identifier (OID) Classes.
net.rim.device.api.crypto.tls TLS classes and definitions Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a protocol that ensures confidentiality between client and server on the Internet.
net.rim.device.api.crypto.tls.ssl30 SSL 3.0 Class and Definitions The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used to manage the security of communication on the Internet.
net.rim.device.api.crypto.tls.tls10 TLS Classes and Definitions.
net.rim.device.api.crypto.tls.wtls20 WTLS 2.0 Classes and Definitions Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) is the security layer of the WAP, providing confidentiality, data integrity and authentication for WAP services.

Other Packages
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