Interface ServerSocketConnection

All Superinterfaces:
Connection, StreamConnectionNotifier

public interface ServerSocketConnection
extends StreamConnectionNotifier

This interface defines the server socket stream connection.

A server socket is accessed using a generic connection string with the host omitted. For example, socket://:79 defines an inbound server socket on port 79. The host can be discovered using the getLocalAddress method.

The acceptAndOpen() method returns a SocketConnection instance. In addition to the normal StreamConnection behavior, the SocketConnection supports accessing the IP end point addresses of the live connection and access to socket options that control the buffering and timing delays associated with specific application usage of the connection.

Access to server socket connections may be restricted by the security policy of the device. MUST check access for the initial server socket connection and acceptAndOpen MUST check before returning each new SocketConnection.

A server socket can be used to dynamically select an available port by omitting both the host and the port parameters in the connection URL string. For example, socket:// defines an inbound server socket on a port which is allocated by the system. To discover the assigned port number use the getLocalPort method.

Blocking Operations

This interface performs blocking Input and Output operations. An application will lock if an implementation of this interface opens a connection from within the main event thread. Prevent an application from locking by opening a connection from within a thread that is separate from the main event thread. SeeConnector for more information.

BNF Format for string

The URI must conform to the BNF syntax specified below. If the URI does not conform to this syntax, an IllegalArgumentException is thrown.

<socket_connection_string> ::= "socket://" | "socket://"<hostport>
<hostport> ::= host ":" port
<host> ::= omitted for inbound connections, See SocketConnection
<port> ::= numeric port number (omitted for system assigned port)


The following examples show how a ServerSocketConnection would be used to access a sample loopback program.

   // Create the server listening socket for port 1234 
   ServerSocketConnection scn = (ServerSocketConnection)

   // Wait for a connection.
   SocketConnection sc = (SocketConnection) scn.acceptAndOpen();

   // Set application specific hints on the socket.
   sc.setSocketOption(DELAY, 0);
   sc.setSocketOption(LINGER, 0);
   sc.setSocketOption(KEEPALIVE, 0);
   sc.setSocketOption(RCVBUF, 128);
   sc.setSocketOption(SNDBUF, 128);

   // Get the input stream of the connection.
   DataInputStream is = sc.openDataInputStream();

   // Get the output stream of the connection.
   DataOutputStream os = sc.openDataOutputStream();

   // Read the input data.
   String result = is.readUTF();

   // Echo the data back to the sender.

   // Close everything.

MIDP 2.0

Method Summary
 String getLocalAddress()
          Gets the local address to which the socket is bound.
 int getLocalPort()
          Returns the local port to which this socket is bound.
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Methods inherited from interface

Method Detail


public String getLocalAddress()
                       throws IOException
Gets the local address to which the socket is bound.

The host address(IP number) that can be used to connect to this end of the socket connection from an external system. Since IP addresses may be dynamically assigned, a remote application will need to be robust in the face of IP number reasssignment.

The local hostname (if available) can be accessed from System.getProperty("microedition.hostname")

the local address to which the socket is bound.
IOException - if the connection was closed
JDE 4.0.0
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public int getLocalPort()
                 throws IOException
Returns the local port to which this socket is bound.
the local port number to which this socket is connected.
IOException - if the connection was closed
JDE 4.0.0
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