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Package net.rim.blackberry.api.blackberrymessenger

Interface Summary
 Category: Signed MessengerContact Represents a BlackBerry Messenger contact in the user's BlackBerry Messenger contact list.
 Category: Signed Service Interface to define a Service.
 Category: Signed Session An object to be used for communication between BlackBerry Messenger contacts.
 Category: Signed SessionListener A listener class that receives notifications about a Session.
 Category: Signed SessionRequestListener A listener class that receives notification of a local user accepting a Session.
 Category: Signed SessionSetupListener A listener class that receives notification of events that occur during Session requests.

Class Summary
 Category: Signed BlackBerryMessenger Provides access to the BlackBerryMessenger application.
 Category: Signed Message A container for the data that can be sent or received by the BlackBerry Messenger API.

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