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Package net.rim.blackberry.api.mail

Provides functionality for sending, receiving and accessing email messages using the BlackBerry Messages application.


Interface Summary
 Category: Signed AttachmentHandler Defines functionality one must implement to perform custom attachment actions.
 Category: Signed BodyPart.ContentType The following constants define some common attachment types and subtypes.
 Category: Signed Message.Flag Defines the flags supported by the Message class.
 Category: Signed Message.Icons Defines character representations of the various message status icons.
 Category: Signed Message.Priority Defines priorities for messages.
 Category: Signed Message.RecipientType Defines the types of recipients supported by the Message class.
 Category: Signed Message.Status Defines the status options supported by the Message class.
 Category: Signed Part Defines the header fields and contents of a Message or a BodyPart, in a Multipart object.
 Category: Signed SendListener SendListener is notified before a message is added to the queue for sending.

Class Summary
 Category: Signed Address Represents an address in a message.
 Category: Signed AttachmentHandlerManager The manager class for attachment handling.
 Category: Signed BodyPart Represents a part contained in a Multipart.
 Category: Signed FileSupportedAttachmentPart Represents an attachment part for a file that is present on the device.
 Category: Signed Folder Represents a mailbox folder on the handheld.
 Category: Signed Header Represents name/value pairs that describe mail headers.
 Category: Signed Message Represents an email message.
 Category: Signed MimeBodyPart This class represents a MIME body part.
 Category: Signed Multipart A container to hold multiple BodyPart objects.
 Category: Signed PDAPContactAttachmentPart Provides functionality for address card attachment parts This class makes use of the Contact class provided by the PIM API.
 Category: Signed PINAddress A subclass of Address used for PIN messages NOTE: Not in 3.8 version software
 Category: Signed Service This class represents an email service on the BlackBerry handheld device.
 Category: Signed ServiceConfiguration Encapsulates information used to describe a particular mail service.
 Category: Signed Session Provides access to email services, storage, and transport.
 Category: Signed Store Represents a message store and its access protocol, for storing and retrieving messages on the handheld.
 Category: Signed SupportedAttachmentPart Represents an attachment part that has a corresponding viewer on the handheld, including registered third-party viewers.
 Category: Signed TextBodyPart Body part with "text/plain" content-type.
 Category: Signed Transport Represents an e-mail transport protocol.
 Category: Signed UnsupportedAttachmentPart Represents an unsupported attachment part.

Exception Summary
 Category: Signed AddressException Thrown when an address is invalid.
 Category: Signed FolderNotFoundException Thrown by Folder methods when those methods are invoked on a non-existent folder.
 Category: Signed MessagingException Base class for all exceptions thrown by the Messaging classes.
 Category: Signed NoSuchServiceException Thrown by the ServiceConfiguration constructor if a matching service does not exist.
 Category: Signed SendFailedException Thrown when a message cannot be sent.

Package net.rim.blackberry.api.mail Description

Provides functionality for sending, receiving and accessing email messages using the BlackBerry Messages application.

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