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Provides access to the Phone application's log files


Interface Summary
 Category: Signed PhoneLogListener Implement this interface if you wish to listen for phone log events, such as new phone logs being added to the system Register your instance with PhoneLogs.addListener(; remove it with PhoneLogs.removeListener(

Class Summary
 Category: Signed CallLog Abstract base class for phone call logs contained by the PhoneLogs class.
 Category: Signed ConferencePhoneCallLog A log object for a conference call (a call with two or more participants).
 Category: Signed PhoneCallLog Represents a call log in the message list for a simple phone call.
 Category: Signed PhoneCallLogID Represents the caller ID information associated with a phone call log.
 Category: Signed PhoneLogs A container to maintain a list of CallLog objects that together represent the logs for phone calls stored in the message list.

Package Description

Provides access to the Phone application's log files.

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