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Package net.rim.device.api.browser.field

Provides access to browser-component functionality you can incorporate in other applications


Interface Summary
 Category: Signed BrowserContent Field in which internet resource content (URLs) can be rendered.
 Category: Signed RenderingApplication Defines callback functionality a rendering session requires to assist with handling URL resources.
 Category: Signed RenderingConstants Defines a number of constant values used by the browser field API.

Class Summary
 Category: Signed BrowserContentBaseImpl Field in which internet resource content (URLs) can be rendered.
 Category: Signed BrowserContentChangedEvent Event to signal that field's text and/or title may have changed.
 Category: Signed BrowserContentManager A manager for rendering web content obtained through the browser.
 Category: Signed CloseEvent Event to close the browser.
 Category: Signed ContentReadEvent Event indicating the progress of loading the content.
 Category: Signed ErrorEvent Event to set display an error message to the user.
 Category: Signed Event Defines general functionality for all browser events.
 Category: Signed ExecutingScriptEvent Event indicating browser field is executing a script.
 Category: Signed FullWindowEvent Event to show field in full window.
 Category: Signed HistoryEvent Event to interact with the browser field's history.
 Category: Signed RedirectEvent Event to redirect.
 Category: Signed RenderingOptions Options for rendering content.
 Category: Signed RenderingSession Class to manage rendering sessions.
 Category: Signed RequestedResource Object to carry information about requested resource.
 Category: Signed SetHeaderEvent Event to set HTTP header information.
 Category: Signed SetHttpCookieEvent Event to set an HTTP cookie.
 Category: Signed StopEvent Event to signal a halt to loading.
 Category: Signed UrlRequestedEvent Event to signal the request of an URL.

Exception Summary
 Category: Signed RenderingException Thrown if a rendering error occurs.

Package net.rim.device.api.browser.field Description

Provides access to browser-component functionality you can incorporate in other applications.

The Field API supports third-party applications that want to include browser fields within their own UI to render web content; RIM's own rendering library handles all the rendering of web content for the field, and then hands your application back the field for you to display.

Interact with a RenderingSession

A rendering session object acts as the intermediary between your application and the system's rendering library. The system's rendering library manages rendering sessions: applications retrieve a rendering session handle by invoking RenderingSession.getNewInstance(). They can then use this rendering session to retrieve browser fields to display web content.

Fulfill the RenderingApplication interface

Third-party applications using BrowserContent components must either themselves implement the RenderingApplication interface or employ a helper application that does so. The system's rendering library interacts through a rendering session and expects to interact with the RenderingApplication interface on the other end.

A rendering session expects a rendering application to be able to

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