Class BlackBerryContentHandler


public class BlackBerryContentHandler
extends Object

Provides Content Handler API (JSR 211) IDs which can be used for invoking RIM content handlers.

As defined by JSR 211, a content handler ID is a unique identifier for a content handler. These IDs can be used with the Invocation class to invoke a specific content handler, or with the Registry class to retrieve a specific ContentHandler class.

For more information and other uses for content handler IDs, please refer to the JSR 211 specification.

JDE 4.3.0
See Also:
JSR 211

Field Summary
          ID for the Media content handler.
Method Summary
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Field Detail


public static final String ID_MEDIA_CONTENT_HANDLER

ID for the Media content handler.

The Media content handler can be invoked to open media files which are supported by the handheld.

If you create an Invocation object and specify this ID and no other parameters, calling Registry.invoke() with that Invocation will start the Media application.

If you specify a URL for that Invocation then the Media content handler will attempt to open the file specified by the URL.

JDE 4.3.0

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