Class CompiledResourceBundle


public class CompiledResourceBundle
extends ResourceBundle

Used internally by the resource compiler.

Constructor Summary
protected CompiledResourceBundle(Locale locale, long bundleId, int[] ids, short[] offsets, byte[] data)
          Constructs new CompilerdResourceBundle instance.
Method Summary
protected  Object handleGetObject(int key)
          Retrieves resource object by key.
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Constructor Detail


protected CompiledResourceBundle(Locale locale,
                                 long bundleId,
                                 int[] ids,
                                 short[] offsets,
                                 byte[] data)
Constructs new CompilerdResourceBundle instance.

Invoked only from classes output by the resource compiler.

locale - Locale for this bunndle.
bundledId - Identifier number for this bundle.
ids - List of resource IDs for the resources in this bundle.
offsets - List of offsets marking start of each resource in this bundle.
data - Byte array containing the resource data for this bundle.
Method Detail


protected Object handleGetObject(int key)
Retrieves resource object by key.

handleGetObject in class ResourceBundle
key - Key for resource object.
Resource object associated with provided key.

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