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Interface Summary
 Category: Signed HttpProtocolConstants This class represents the request methods, header requests, and Content types that are part of the HTTP protocol.
  HttpServerConnection This class is a mirror image of HttpConnection but defines some additional functionality for server side.

Class Summary
 Category: Signed HttpDateParser A little utility class designed to parse dates in one of the three formats supported by HTTP 1.1.
 Category: Signed HttpFilterRegistry Houses protocol filters associated with fully qualified domain names.
 Category: Signed HttpHeaders Stores header properties for HTTP connections sent or received from an HTTP server.
 Category: Signed MDSPushInputStream A push input stream specifically for use with the BlackBerry MDS Connection service.
 Category: Signed PushInputStream An abstract class providing a mechanism for push input streams.
 Category: Signed TCPPushInputStream A push input stream specifically for use with TCP/IP connections.

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