Class BlackBerryTextBox

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class BlackBerryTextBox
extends TextBox
implements Controllable

The BlackBerryTextBox class extends the functionality of the TextBox class.

The BlackBerryTextBox class implements Controllable and can be queried to retrieve BlackBerry-specific Controls. For instance, on devices which support a virtual keyboard, getControl(String) may return a VirtualKeyboardControl object.

JDE 4.7.0

Constructor Summary
BlackBerryTextBox(String title, String text, int maxSize, int constraints)
          Creates a new instance of a BlackBerryTextBox.
Method Summary
 Control getControl(String controlType)
          Obtain the object that implements the specified Control interface.
 Control[] getControls()
          Obtain the collection of Controls from the object that implements this interface.
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Constructor Detail


public BlackBerryTextBox(String title,
                         String text,
                         int maxSize,
                         int constraints)
Creates a new instance of a BlackBerryTextBox.
IllegalArgumentException - if maxSize is zero or less
IllegalArgumentException - if the constraints parameter is invalid
IllegalArgumentException - if text is illegal for the specified constraints
IllegalArgumentException - if the length of the string exceeds the requested maximum capacity or the maximum capacity actually assigned
JDE 4.7.0
See Also:
javax.microedtion.lcdui.BlackBerryTextBox(String, String, int, int)
Method Detail


public Control getControl(String controlType)
Description copied from interface: Controllable
Obtain the object that implements the specified Control interface.

If the specified Control interface is not supported then null is returned.

If the Controllable supports multiple objects that implement the same specified Control interface, only one of them will be returned. To obtain all the Control's of that type, use the getControls method and check the list for the requested type.

IllegalArgumentException - Thrown if controlType is null.
JDE 4.7.0
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public Control[] getControls()
Description copied from interface: Controllable
Obtain the collection of Controls from the object that implements this interface.

Since a single object can implement multiple Control interfaces, it's necessary to check each object against different Control types. For example:

Controllable controllable;
Control cs[];
cs = controllable.getControls();
for (int i = 0; i < cs.length; i++) {
    if (cs[i] instanceof ControlTypeA)
    if (cs[i] instanceof ControlTypeB)
    // etc.

The list of Control objects returned will not contain any duplicates. And the list will not change over time.

If no Control is supported, a zero length array is returned.

JDE 4.7.0
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