Welcome to the BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment (JDE)!

You can use the BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment to create, test, and package BlackBerry Java Applications for BlackBerry smartphones. The BlackBerry Java Development Environment is a Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) and Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) compliant J2ME environment designed to provide a complete set of APIs and tools for you to develop a BlackBerry Java Application that runs on BlackBerry smartphones. The BlackBerry Integrated Development Environment, included with the BlackBerry JDE, lets you create a BlackBerry Java Application using CLDC 1.1 APSI, MIDP 2.0 APIs, and BlackBerry API extensions that provide additional capabilities specific to BlackBerry smartphones.

This API reference contains all the basic information required for developing BlackBerry applications. To get started, refer to one of the following sections:

Categories Index

This section provides links to detailed overviews for twelve functional areas, or categories, most often required by developers writing for the BlackBerry. The categories group together related Java and RIM packages to provide a clearer view of API relationships for developers.

Packages Index

This section provides an index of all packages used by the BlackBerry JDE.

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