Interface Control

All Known Subinterfaces:
AudioFormatControl, ContainerFormatControl, EffectControl, EffectOrderControl, FormatControl, ImageFormatControl, MIDIChannelControl, PanControl, PriorityControl, VideoFormatControl, CommitControl, DirectivityControl, DistanceAttenuationControl, DopplerControl, LocationControl, MacroscopicControl, ObstructionControl, OrientationControl, AudioVirtualizerControl, ChorusControl, EqualizerControl, ReverbControl, ReverbSourceControl, CameraControl, ExposureControl, FlashControl, FocusControl, SnapshotControl, ZoomControl, ImageEffectControl, ImageTonalityControl, ImageTransformControl, OverlayControl, WhiteBalanceControl, RDSControl, TunerControl, FramePositioningControl, GUIControl, MIDIControl, MetaDataControl, PitchControl, RateControl, RecordControl, StopTimeControl, TempoControl, ToneControl, VideoControl, VolumeControl, DirectionControl, MediaBehaviourControl, VirtualKeyboardControl, AudioPathControl, AuthenticationControl

public interface Control

A Control object is used to control some media processing functions. The set of operations are usually functionally related. Thus a Control object provides a logical grouping of media processing functions.

Controls are obtained from Controllable. The Player interface extends Controllable. Therefore a Player implementation can use the Control interface to extend its media processing functions. For example, a Player can expose a VolumeControl to allow the volume level to be set.

Multiple Controls can be implemented by the same object. For example, an object can implement both VolumeControl and ToneControl. In this case, the object can be used for controlling both the volume and tone generation.

The package specifies a set of pre-defined Controls.

See Also:
Controllable, Player
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