Package net.rim.device.api.lbs.picker

Interface Summary
LocationPicker.Listener Interface for receiving location picked/cancelled events The Listener interface locationPicked is invoked when a location is selected, or the process is cancelled.
LocationPicker.Picker Interface that defines a individual location picker An individual picker must define: A display name A method of "picking" a location Generate a Landmark (i.e.

Class Summary
AbstractLocationPicker This abstract class provides default implementations for some of the methods in the LocationPicker.Picker interface
ContactsLocationPicker The ContactsLocationPicker provides the ability for a user to select an address from their Contacts.
EnterLocationPicker The EnterLocationPicker provides the user the ability to manually enter a location via the LocationPicker.
GPSLocationPicker The GPSLocationPicker provides the ability for a user to pick their current location.
LocationPicker The LocationPicker API provides a central repository to group individual LocationPickers such as the GPSLocationPicker, MapsLocationPicker, ContactsLocationPicker, RecentLocationPicker, SuggestedLocationPicker, and the EnterLocationPicker.
MapsLocationPicker The MapsLocationPicker provides the ability for a user to select a location from the BlackBerry Maps application.
RecentLocationPicker The RecentLocationPicker provides the ability for a user to select from a list of recently selected locations via the LocationPicker.
SuggestedLocationPicker The SuggestedLocationPicker provides the ability for a user to select from a list of application suggestions via the LocationPicker.

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