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public interface L2CAPConnectionNotifier
extends Connection

The L2CAPConnectionNotifier interface provides an L2CAP connection notifier.

To create a server connection, the protocol must be btl2cap. The target contains "localhost:" and the UUID of the service. The parameters are ReceiveMTU and TransmitMTU, the same parameters used to define a client connection. Here is an example of a valid server connection string:

A call to with this string will return a javax.bluetooth.L2CAPConnectionNotifier object. An L2CAPConnection object is obtained from the L2CAPConnectionNotifier by calling the method acceptAndOpen().

BlackBerry API 4.2.1

Method Summary
 L2CAPConnection acceptAndOpen()
          Waits for a client to connect to this L2CAP service.
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L2CAPConnection acceptAndOpen()
                              throws IOException
Waits for a client to connect to this L2CAP service. Upon connection returns an L2CAPConnection that can be used to communicate with this client.

A service record associated with this connection will be added to the SDDB associated with this L2CAPConnectionNotifier object if one does not exist in the SDDB. This method will put the local device in connectable mode so that it may respond to connection attempts by clients.

The following checks are done to verify that any modifications made by the application to the service record after it was created by have not created an invalid service record. If any of these checks fail, then a ServiceRegistrationException is thrown.

This method will not ensure that the service record created is a completely valid service record. It is the responsibility of the application to ensure that the service record follows all of the applicable syntactic and semantic rules for service record correctness.

a connection to communicate with the client
IOException - if the notifier is closed before acceptAndOpen() is called
ServiceRegistrationException - if the structure of the associated service record is invalid or if the service record could not be added successfully to the local SDDB. The structure of service record is invalid if the service record is missing any mandatory service attributes, or has changed any of the values described above which are fixed and cannot be changed. Failures to add the record to the SDDB could be due to insufficient disk space, database locks, etc.
BluetoothStateException - if the server device could not be placed in connectable mode because the device user has configured the device to be non-connectable.
BlackBerry API 4.2.1

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