Interface SoundSource3D

All Superinterfaces:
Module, Controllable

public interface SoundSource3D
extends Module

SoundSource3D represents a sound source in a virtual acoustical space. It is a logical group of Players and/or MIDI channels.

At least a LocationControl can be fetched from the SoundSource3D. Typically, also a DirectivityControl, a DistanceAttenuationControl, a DopplerControl, an ObstructionControl and a MacroscopicControl can be fetched from the SoundSource3D, if they are supported.

In general, the application can create as many SoundSource3Ds as it needs, but the application cannot PREFETCH or START necessarily the Players connected to them. That is, the implementation might limit the amount of active 3D sources by limiting how many Players connected to SoundSource3Ds can be PREFETCHED or STARTED simultaneously.

At least one Player (of a content type supported by SoundSource3D) can always be added to a SoundSource3D, but adding a MIDI channel or a second Player is not guaranteed to work.

Typically only mono Players would be added to a SoundSource3D. The behavior when sources with multiple channels (e.g. stereo) are added to a SoundSource3D is dependent on the implementation. Whether MacroscopicControl is enabled or not might also change the behaviour in the case of multichannel Players.

getControl or getControls of SoundSource3D MUST NOT throw IllegalStateException in case of SoundSource3D. That is, SoundSource3D will always support the same set of Controls independently of how many and which Players are connected to it.

The GlobalManager is used to retrieve SoundSource3Ds.

See Also:
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BlackBerry API 5.0.0

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addMIDIChannel, addPlayer, removeMIDIChannel, removePlayer
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getControl, getControls

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