Interface AudioFormatControl

All Superinterfaces:
FormatControl, Control

public interface AudioFormatControl
extends FormatControl

AudioFormatControl controls the setting of the audio format.

AudioFormatControl serves two purposes Set the audio codec in an audio-video format Set the format for audio only content type. For example, a Player to play and record audio from a microphone provides an AudioFormatControl instead of a ContainerFormatControl to specify the format, in case setting of the format is supported in the first place.

For example, setting the recording format to 128 kbps MP3 is done as follows: // initializing the Player and RecordControl omitted AudioFormatControl format = (AudioFormatControl)player.getControl("AudioFormatControl"); format.setFormat("audio/mpeg"); format.setParameter(FormatControl.PARAM_VERSION_TYPE, "MPEG1_layer_3"); format.setParameter(FormatControl.PARAM_BITRATE, 128000);

Audio formats

Format definitions are not part of this specification. Instead, a list of definitions can be downloaded from Forum Nokia. The list will be constantly updated and new types will be added as needed.

BlackBerry API 5.0.0

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getEstimatedBitRate, getFormat, getIntParameterValue, getMetadataOverride, getMetadataSupportMode, getStrParameterValue, getSupportedFormats, getSupportedIntParameterRange, getSupportedIntParameters, getSupportedMetadataKeys, getSupportedStrParameterValues, getSupportedStrParameters, setFormat, setMetadata, setMetadataOverride, setParameter, setParameter

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