Interface MacroscopicControl

All Superinterfaces:
OrientationControl, Control

public interface MacroscopicControl
extends OrientationControl

MacroscopicControl is an interface for manipulating the macroscopic behavior of a sound source when using 3D audio. By default, sound sources act as point sources (having zero size). MacroscopicControl allows the dimensions (width, height and depth) of a sound source to be specified so that it no longer behaves as a point source. This is useful for relatively big sound sources like waterfalls.

This control, if it is supported, can be fetched from a SoundSource3D.

Default Values

The default values for the properties of all macroscopic controls (whether the application has obtained them or not) are: x = 0 y = 0z = 0

See Also:
Control, LocationControl
BlackBerry API 5.0.0

Method Summary
 int[] getSize()
          Gets the current size.
 void setSize(int x, int y, int z)
          Sets the size of the audio source.
Methods inherited from interface javax.microedition.amms.control.audio3d.OrientationControl
getOrientationVectors, setOrientation, setOrientation

Method Detail


void setSize(int x,
             int y,
             int z)
Sets the size of the audio source. Setting all the lengths to zero disables the macroscopic behavior, causing the object to revert once again to being a point source (the default state). All the lengths are specified in millimeters. The center of the macroscopic object stays at the point specified with LocationControl.

NOTE: The lengths are specified in the object's own (rotated) axes, as defined via the OrientationControl by the last call to setOrientation(int heading, int pitch, int roll) or setOrientation(int[] frontVector, int[] aboveVector).

x - the "width" of the sound source in its transformed X (or "right") dimension in millimeters
y - the "height" of the sound source in its transformed Y (or "up") dimension in millimeters
z - the "thickness" or "depth" of the sound source in its transformed Z (or "front") dimension in millimeters
IllegalArgumentException - if a negative parameter is given
BlackBerry API 5.0.0


int[] getSize()
Gets the current size.

the current size in millimeters
BlackBerry API 5.0.0

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