Package javax.microedition.amms.control.audio3d

Interface Summary
CommitControl CommitControl provides a mechanism to enable many audio parameters to be updated simultaneously.
DirectivityControl DirectivityControl adds to OrientationControl a method for setting the directivity pattern of a sound source.
DistanceAttenuationControl DistanceAttenuationControl is an interface for controlling how the sound from a sound source is attenuated with its distance from the Spectator.
DopplerControl DopplerControl is an interface for manipulating the settings of an effect called Doppler.
LocationControl LocationControl is an interface for manipulating the virtual location of an object (usually a SoundSource3D or the listener via the Spectator) in the virtual acoustic space.
MacroscopicControl MacroscopicControl is an interface for manipulating the macroscopic behavior of a sound source when using 3D audio.
ObstructionControl ObstructionControl provides a mechanism to control the overall level of an audio signal flowing directly from a sound source to the Spectator.
OrientationControl OrientationControl is an interface for manipulating the virtual orientation of an object in the virtual acoustical space.

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