Interface ImageEffectControl

All Superinterfaces:
EffectControl, Control

public interface ImageEffectControl
extends EffectControl

ImageFilter is an image effect that can be used to set various image filters such as monochrome and negative.

Mandatory Presets

At least these presets are supported: "monochrome" - an image is displayed in a single color. Typically, this means shades of gray from white to black. "negative" - the hue, saturation and values of the image are complemented.

Optional Presets

These presets might be supported: "emboss" - produces a three-dimensional effect similar to stamping the image into paper. "sepia" - an effect that produces a monochrome image with a brownish hue with an antique like image. "solarize" - solarization or Sabattier effect produces the part-positive, part-negative look formed by re-exposure. Shadows and midtones remain the same but highlights are darkened leaving a white outline around the original highlights. "redeyereduction" - removes red-eye glare, caused by the flash reflecting from the subject's eyes.

BlackBerry API 5.0.0

Field Summary
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Method Summary
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getPreset, getPresetNames, getScope, isEnabled, isEnforced, setEnabled, setEnforced, setPreset, setScope

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