Package javax.microedition.amms.control

Interface Summary
AudioFormatControl AudioFormatControl controls the setting of the audio format.
ContainerFormatControl ContainerFormatControl controls the setting of the container formats.
EffectControl EffectControl is an interface for controlling an abstract filter with various preset settings.
EffectOrderControl EffectOrderControl is an interface designed to specify the order of effects represented by EffectControls.
FormatControl FormatControl controls the format used for storing media.
ImageFormatControl ImageFormatControl controls the setting of the image format.
MIDIChannelControl MIDIChannelControl is a Control that gives access to MIDI-channel-specific Controls.
PanControl PanControl is an interface for manipulating the panning of a Player in the stereo output mix.
PriorityControl PriorityControl is an interface for manipulating the priority of a Player among other Players.
VideoFormatControl VideoFormatControl controls the setting of the video format of the audio-video format.

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