Package javax.microedition.pim

Provides a standard mechanism for accessing PIM information on a device


Interface Summary
Contact Represents a single Contact entry in a PIM Contact database.
ContactList Represents a Contact list containing Contact items.
Event Represents a single Event entry in a PIM Event database.
EventList Represents an Event list containing Event items.
PIMItem Represents the common interfaces of an item for a PIM list.
PIMList Represents the common functionality of a PIM list.
ToDo Represents a single To Do item in a PIM To Do database.
ToDoList Represents a ToDo list containing ToDo items.

Class Summary
PIM Class for accessing PIM lists on a device and performing PIM wide functions.
RepeatRule Represents a description for a repeating pattern for an Event item.

Exception Summary
FieldEmptyException Represents an exception thrown when an attempt is made to access a field that does not have any data values associated with it.
FieldFullException Represents an exception thrown when an attempt is made to add data to a field but the field already has all available slots for data values assigned.
PIMException Represents exceptions thrown by the PIM classes.
UnsupportedFieldException Represents an exception thrown when a field is referenced that is not supported in the particular PIM list that an element belongs to.

Package javax.microedition.pim Description

Provides a standard mechanism for accessing PIM information on a device.

The PIM package defines APIs to access Personal Information Management (PIM) data.

Concepts and Structures

This package accesses PIM data that can reside in native device databases, Java implementations of PIM databases, or in other PIM databases accessible from the platform.  A PIM class provides static methods to find out about and access the data through lists, represented in the PIM API by the PIMList class.  A PIMList is a collection of items in which each item is a single entry of PIM data. Each entry of PIM data is represented in the PIM API by the PIMItem class.

This package provides access to three types of PIM lists: event, contacts, and to-do lists.

For more information about this package or about the personal information management (PIM) API, see The PDA Profile specification (JSR-000075) for the J2ME(TM) Platform.

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