Package net.rim.blackberry.api.mail.event

Defines messaging events and listener interfaces to manage those events.


Interface Summary
DefaultSessionListener Implement this interface to receive notifications when the Default Mail Session is changed.
EventListener Provides a common interface for messaging listeners.
FolderListener Listener interface for folder events where messages are added or removed from a folder.
MessageListener Listener interface for MessageEvent.UPDATED message events.
ServiceListener Listener interface for service folder events where folders are created or deleted.
StoreListener Listener interface for store events.
ViewListener Listener interface for view events.
ViewListenerExtended Listener interface for view events.

Class Summary
FolderEvent Encapsulates folder events.
MailEvent Base class for mail events.
MessageEvent Indicates that a message has changed.
StoreEvent Indicates that an event has occured on a specified store.

Package net.rim.blackberry.api.mail.event Description

Defines messaging events and listener interfaces to manage those events.

Mail events occur when messages are opened, close, created, modified or deleted, when folders are created or deleted, and when operations are applied to the message store.

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