Package net.rim.blackberry.api.mail

Provides functionality for sending, receiving and accessing email messages using the BlackBerry Messages application.


Interface Summary
AttachmentHandler Defines functionality one must implement to perform custom attachment actions.
BodyPart.ContentType The following constants define some common attachment types and subtypes.
DownloadProgressListener Listener for downloading status.
Message.Flag Defines the flags supported by the Message class.
Message.Icons Defines character representations of the various message status icons.
Message.Priority Defines priorities for messages.
Message.RecipientType Defines the types of recipients supported by the Message class.
Message.Status Defines the status options supported by the Message class.
Part Defines the header fields and contents of a Message or a BodyPart, in a Multipart object.
SendListener SendListener is notified before a message is added to the queue for sending.

Class Summary
Address Represents an address in a message.
AttachmentDownloadManager This class provides the ability to prgrammatically download email attachments for incoming message.
AttachmentHandlerManager The manager class for attachment handling.
BodyPart Represents a part contained in a Multipart.
FileSupportedAttachmentPart Represents an attachment part for a file that is present on the device.
Folder Represents a mailbox folder on the handheld.
Header Represents name/value pairs that describe mail headers.
Message Represents an email message.
MimeBodyPart This class represents a MIME body part.
Multipart A container to hold multiple BodyPart objects.
PDAPContactAttachmentPart Provides functionality for address card attachment parts This class makes use of the Contact class provided by the PIM API.
PINAddress A subclass of Address used for PIN messages NOTE: Not in 3.8 version software
Service This class represents an email service on the BlackBerry handheld device.
ServiceConfiguration Encapsulates information used to describe a particular mail service.
Session Provides access to email services, storage, and transport.
Store Represents a message store and its access protocol, for storing and retrieving messages on the handheld.
SupportedAttachmentPart Represents an attachment part that has a corresponding viewer on the handheld, including registered third-party viewers.
TextBodyPart Body part with "text/plain" content-type.
Transport Represents an e-mail transport protocol.
UnsupportedAttachmentPart Represents an unsupported attachment part.

Exception Summary
AddressException Thrown when an address is invalid.
FolderNotFoundException Thrown by Folder methods when those methods are invoked on a non-existent folder.
MessagingException Base class for all exceptions thrown by the Messaging classes.
NoSuchServiceException Thrown by the ServiceConfiguration constructor if a matching service does not exist.
SendFailedException Thrown when a message cannot be sent.

Package net.rim.blackberry.api.mail Description

Provides functionality for sending, receiving and accessing email messages using the BlackBerry Messages application.

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