Class InvocationUtilities

  extended by net.rim.device.api.content.InvocationUtilities

public class InvocationUtilities
extends Object

This utilities class enhances functionality of Content Handler API.

One of the enhancements is foreground mode management. By default, the Invocation execution will bring the called application into foreground. To avoid that use the following:

 Invocation inv = new Invocation();
 InvocationUtilities.setRequestForeground( inv, false );

BlackBerry API 6.0.0

Method Summary
static void setRequestForeground(Invocation invocation, boolean requestForeground)
          Sets the foreground mode of the Invocation.
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Method Detail


public static void setRequestForeground(Invocation invocation,
                                        boolean requestForeground)
Sets the foreground mode of the Invocation. By default the invocation brings the invoked application or MIDlet to foreground automatically. To suppress this default behavior, call this method with requestForeground = false parameter.

Note that this method affects both the calling and caller application modes. If false is specified then neither calling nor caller applications will get foreground automatically. The applications may request foreground at their discretion isolated from CHAPI.

invocation - invocation to be modified
requestForeground - specifies whether invocation should produce automatic switch to foreground, if false is given then no auto actions are performed
BlackBerry API 6.0.0

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