Package net.rim.device.api.input

Interface Summary
ITextInputConnector Implementing this interface, a 3rd party may define an input framework request handler and a listener for receiving text input events from the input framework.

Class Summary
AutoTextInputHelper Enriches the input helper with the autotext features which are: auto-capitalization, auto-period, and auto-substitution.
EmailAddressInputHelper An editable text field designed specifically to handle internet email addresses.
InputHelper Adds lookup popup look-and-feel properties feature and lookup variants access functionality to the base input helper.
InputHelperBase Provides text input features and functionality of the input framework for Screen and Field classes
LookupProperties Stores and sets a collection of lookup screen look-and-feel parameters.
LookupVariantIterator Lookup variant iterator is created and owned by InputHelper and re-initialized by input method repeatedly every time when variants change, to point to the first element of new variant sequence.
PasswordInputHelper An editable text field designed specifically to handle password input.
PhoneNumberInputHelper An editable text field specifically designed to handle phone numbers.

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