Class BpsSubscriptionMessageBuilder

  extended by

public class BpsSubscriptionMessageBuilder
extends Object

Creates a subscription message in the BlackBerry® Push Service (BPS) format that can be used to subscribe to a BPS server application. The following fields are automatically populated in the query parameters:

These subscription fields should be specified by the application:

BlackBerry API 6.0.0

Method Summary
static ByteMessage createByteSubscriptionMessage(SenderDestination subscribeDestination, ReceiverDestination receiverDestination, String username, String password)
          Creates a subscription request to send to a SenderDestination.
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Method Detail


public static ByteMessage createByteSubscriptionMessage(SenderDestination subscribeDestination,
                                                        ReceiverDestination receiverDestination,
                                                        String username,
                                                        String password)
Creates a subscription request to send to a SenderDestination. The listenDestination is the recepient of messages from the subscription source. ByteMessage objects can be used to subscribe, unsubscribe, suspend, or resume a subscription to a service depending on the URL of the subscribeDestination. If there are user-defined query parameters to pass to the subscription destination, the application should add them to the ByteMessage returned prior to sending it.

subscribeDestination - The Destination to which the subscription message will be sent.
receiverDestination - The Destination that will receive messages from the subscription source.
username - A username for authenticating subscription requests, or null if not required.
password - A password for authenticating subscription requests, or null if not required.
A SubscriptionMessage with headers populated to create subscription to the local URI corresponding with localDestination.
BlackBerry API 6.0.0

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