Interface CredentialsCollector

public interface CredentialsCollector

In order to be involved in the authentication process, the application must supply a class implementing the CredentialsCollector interface. There is no guarantee the collector will be called every time authentication is required. The library may preserve and cache credentials temporarily in a secure manner rather than calling the collector every single time.

BlackBerry API 6.0.0

Method Summary
 UsernamePasswordCredentials getBasicAuthenticationCredentials(String authenticatedEntityID, Hashtable properties)
          Invoked by the platform when it requires credentials to access a Destination.

Method Detail


UsernamePasswordCredentials getBasicAuthenticationCredentials(String authenticatedEntityID,
                                                              Hashtable properties)
Invoked by the platform when it requires credentials to access a Destination.

authenticatedEntityID - String identifying the Authenticated entity that requires the credentials.
properties - Additional values provided (authentication scheme specific).
UsernamePasswordCredentials to be used for authentication.
BlackBerry API 6.0.0

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