Interface MessageProcessor

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All Known Implementing Classes:
MessageProcessorChain, GUNZIPMessageProcessor, JSONHashtableMessageProcessor, JSONMessageProcessor, RSSMessageProcessor, SOAPMessageProcessor, DOMMessageProcessor, XMLHashtableMessageProcessor

public interface MessageProcessor

Defines an interface that allows processing, parsing, filtering and other forms of manipulation of incoming Message data. Some examples of MessageProcessor implementations include XML parsing, JSON parsing, application level compression/decompression, application level encryption/decryption, logging, and so on.

A MessageProcessor may be invoked in two ways: processing mode or chaining mode. In processing mode, the MessageProcessor is expected to fully process the message. In chaining mode, the MessageProcessor is expected to wrap the body of the message with a stream wrapper that will process on demand. When multiple processors are used together, chaining mode is used to minimize the amount of buffering/copying in between processors.

BlackBerry API 6.0.0

Method Summary
 void process(Message message)
          Processes the message and returns the results.

Method Detail


void process(Message message)
             throws MessageProcessorException
Processes the message and returns the results.

message - The message to be processed.
BlackBerry API 6.0.0

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