Interface Summary
BlockingReceiverDestination Facilitates the reception of messages while blocking the thread execution.
BlockingSenderDestination Facilitates the transmission of messages in a way that waits for a response while blocking thread execution.
ByteMessage Contains byte array data to be sent or received.
ChainableMessageProcessor Defines the basic behavior that a MessageProcessor should implement to process an InputStream.
Credentials Marker interface for credentials.
CredentialsCollector In order to be involved in the authentication process, the application must supply a class implementing the CredentialsCollector interface.
Destination Encapsulates a target for messages.
FireAndForgetDestination This interface facilitates sending of messages that do not require response handling.
HttpMessage A specialized implementation of Message used by HTTP Destinations.
InboundDestinationConfiguration InboundDestinationConfiguration encapsulates all the parameters that configure a receiver Destination created with DestinationFactory class.
Message Contains data sent or received via the Messaging API.
MessageListener Defines the basic behavior that a class should implement to receive messages.
MessageProcessor Defines an interface that allows processing, parsing, filtering and other forms of manipulation of incoming Message data.
NonBlockingReceiverDestination Facilitates the reception of messages without blocking the main event thread.
NonBlockingSenderDestination This interface facilitates the transmission of messages without blocking the main event thread.
ReceiverDestination Used to access the InboundDestinationConfiguration object for any ReceiverDestination.
SenderDestination Contains methods for the creation and cancellation of the outgoing messages.
StreamMessage Contains input stream data to be sent or received via the Communication API.

Class Summary
BasicSubscriptionMessageBuilder This class helps build a subscription message that contains the information required for a server-side application to contact the subscribing device.
BpsSubscriptionMessageBuilder Creates a subscription message in the BlackBerry® Push Service (BPS) format that can be used to subscribe to a BPS server application.
Context Represents an object that contains references for resources required to create and maintain a sender destination (BlockingSenderDestination, NonBlockingSenderDestination, FireAndForgetDestination).
DestinationFactory Creates Destination objects.
Headers Encapsulates the headers attached to a Message.
InboundDestinationConfigurationFactory The InboundDestinationConfiguration objects generated by this class are used by DestinationFactory when creating ReceiverDestination objects.
MessageFuture Provides a Future, which allows an application to send a message and receive an object as a placeholder for the reply.
MessageProcessorChain Constructs a chain of MessageProcessors to run in sequence.
ProcessorHelper Sets the payload data in a message.
UsernamePasswordCredentials Username and password credentials.

Exception Summary
MessageFailureException Exception generated by failure to send a Message.
MessageModificationException Defines exceptions thrown by the Communication API when trying to modify a Message that was sent.
MessageProcessorException Exception generated due to failures in procsesing a Message by a MessageProcessor.
MessagingException Base class for exceptions thrown by the Communication API.
SubscriptionException Thrown if a problem occurs during a subscription request.

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