Provides a library of components to manage data I/O.


Interface Summary
ConnEvent Describes data available to all connection events.
ConnectionCloseListener Listener for when a connection closes.
ConnectionCloseProvider Implements an interface for which a listener can be registered for when this connection gets closed.
DatagramStatusListener Describes functionality that a datagram status listener must implement.
FilterBaseInterface Base class for Connection protocols.
IOProperties Defines an interface for manipulating properties and flags.
ParentStreamProvider Returns the sub connection associated with this connection.
Seekable Implemented by some InputStreams and Readers so the read/write position can be adjusted.
SocketConnectionEnhanced This class is provides extensions to

Class Summary
Base64InputStream Input stream for reading Base64 encoded data.
Base64OutputStream Output stream for writing Base64 encoded data.
ByteArrayInputConnection A convenience implementation of InputConnection that takes a byte[] for its source data.
DatagramAddressBase This is the generic datagram address interface.
DatagramBase Generic datagram object defines holder of data sent or received from a datagram connection.
DatagramConnectionBase Contains methods that handle BlackBerry Datagram connection and transmission operations.
DatagramStatusListenerUtil Provides a host of utility functions usable by datagram status listeners.
DatagramTransportBase Provides a base implementation for a transport protocol.
File Provides low-level access to various file systems.
FileInfo This class is used by File to represent the file information.
FileInputStream Provides low-level access to various file systems.
FileOutputStream Provides low-level access to various file systems.
IDNA This class provides methods to encode and decode host names as per the IDNA algorithm defined in RFC3490.
IOUtilities Various helper functions for IO.
LineReader Utility class for reading out CRLF delimited lines from a SharedInputStream.
MIMETypeAssociations This class provides an association between file extensions, MIME types and media types.
MobitexAddress Deprecated. Mobitex is no longer supported.
NoCopyByteArrayOutputStream Byte array output stream that returns handle to the underlying data buffer, not a copy.
ScanLine Utility class for reading out CRLF delimited lines from a SharedInputStream.
SharedInputStream Input stream that can share its stream data with a number of readers.
SharedOutputStream Output stream that can share its stream data with a number of writers.
SmsAddress Formats SMS addresses according to the docs in
URI A class to represent and manipulate URI-references as defined in RFC3986.

Exception Summary
ConnectionClosedException This is an exception indicating that, for some reason, the connection has been closed.
FileNotFoundException Signals that an attempt to open the file denoted by a specified pathname has failed.
IDNAException An exception to indicate an error during the IDNA ToASCII operation.
IOCancelledException Thrown if a send or receive is cancelled for some reason.
IOClosedException Signals that an I/O operation was attempted on a closed stream/connection.
IODatagramLengthException Thrown if the datagram length is invalid (usually because it is too big).
IOFormatException Thrown if something is wrong with the format of the datagram's header or address string.
IONotRoutableException Thrown if a send is not routable for some reason.
IORefusedException Thrown if the connection refuses the datagram for some reason.
IOTimeoutException Signals that an I/O operation has timed out on a stream/connection.
IOTransmitterException Thrown if the connection is unable to transmit a datagram for some reason
MalformedURIException An exception that indicates an invalid URI.
ServiceBookNotFoundException ServiceBookNotFoundException is thrown when a service cannot be found that matches the parameters specified.

Package Description

Provides a library of components to manage data I/O.

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