Interface CoverageStatusListener

public interface CoverageStatusListener

The listener interface for receiving notifications of changes in coverage status, over all supported Wireless Access Families (WAFs), as well as serial bypass and Bluetooth.

The following two conditions must be true before a device is considered to be in sufficient coverage for a connection type:

  1. The device has sufficient radio/serial bypass/Bluetooth coverage for that connection type.
  2. All service book records required for that connection type are routable.

Note that this listener only reports changes in aggregate coverage status, meaning the coverage available over any of the available routes mentioned above. To listen for WAF-specific radio events, use Application.addRadioListener(int,RadioListener). To listen for serial bypass/Bluetooth events, use ServiceRouting.addListener(net.rim.device.api.servicebook.ServiceRoutingListener).

See Also:
BlackBerry API 4.2.0

Method Summary
 void coverageStatusChanged(int newCoverage)
          Indicates that the coverage status has changed.

Method Detail


void coverageStatusChanged(int newCoverage)
Indicates that the coverage status has changed.

Note that a CoverageInfo.COVERAGE_* flag being set in newCoverage is not a guarantee that a connection of that type will succeed. For example, it is possible for the device to lose coverage between the time this notification was fired and a subsequent connection is attempted, or for a destination server to be unresponsive.

newCoverage - The new coverage status, consisting of a bitwise OR of one or more CoverageInfo.COVERAGE_* flags.
BlackBerry API 4.2.0

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