Interface ScreenUiEngineAttachedListener

public interface ScreenUiEngineAttachedListener

Defines a listener for screen attach events.

Implementations of this interface may be registered and unregistered with Screen objects to be notified of UI engine attached and detached events using Screen.addScreenUiEngineAttachedListener(net.rim.device.api.ui.ScreenUiEngineAttachedListener) and Screen.removeScreenUiEngineAttachedListener(net.rim.device.api.ui.ScreenUiEngineAttachedListener), respectively.

BlackBerry API 4.3.0

Method Summary
 void onScreenUiEngineAttached(Screen screen, boolean attached)
          Callback indicating a screen has been attached or detached from a UiEngine.

Method Detail


void onScreenUiEngineAttached(Screen screen,
                              boolean attached)
Callback indicating a screen has been attached or detached from a UiEngine.

screen - The screen that has changed state.
attached - Whether it was attached (true) or detached (false).
BlackBerry API 4.3.0

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