Interface IntComparator

public interface IntComparator

A comparator that uses integers as the elements. For example, the integers can be indicies to indirectly access other objects that need to be compared.

BlackBerry API 3.6.0

Method Summary
 int compare(int o1, int o2)
          Compares two arguments for order.

Method Detail


int compare(int o1,
            int o2)
Compares two arguments for order.

o1 - First object to compare.
o2 - Second object to compare.
Negative integer if the first object is 'less than' the second; a positive integer if the second object is 'greater than' the second; zero if the two objects are 'equal'.
ClassCastException - If this comparator cannot compare the two objects.
BlackBerry API 3.6.0

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