Interface RIMOpaqueDataHandler

public interface RIMOpaqueDataHandler

A supplement to org.xml.sax.helpers.DefaultHandler. A RIM SAX parser detects if the DefaultHandler implements this interface and makes addition callbacks if it does.

BlackBerry API 4.1.0

Method Summary
 void opaqueData(byte[] data, int offset, int length)
          Receives notification of opaque data within a content section.

Method Detail


void opaqueData(byte[] data,
                int offset,
                int length)
                throws SAXException
Receives notification of opaque data within a content section.

data - The opaque data.
offset - The start position in the byte array.
length - The number of characters to use from the byte array.
SAXException - Thrown if a SAX exception, possibly wrapping another exception, occurs.
BlackBerry API 4.1.0

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