Package net.rim.blackberry.api.sendmenu

Interface Summary
SendCommandContextFilter Defines a filter on the content context object of a SendCommand object.

Class Summary
SendCommand Stores all of the information needed to send data from the BlackBerry device at a later time, when the user selects a corresponding SendCommandMenuItem in a SendCommandMenu or a SendCommandScreen.
SendCommandContextKeys Defines keys to store and access the content context data in JSONObject objects for SendCommand objects.
SendCommandMenu Represents a SubMenu component that encapsulates an array of SendCommandMenuItem objects in a context menu and is specialized for displaying and executing SendCommand objects.
SendCommandMenuItem Represents a menu item for a SendCommand.
SendCommandRepository Used to retrieve an array of SendCommand objects that target the applications that are registered with the SendCommandRepository to appear in Send submenus.
SendCommandScreen Represents a pop-up dialog screen that is specialized for displaying and executing encapsulated SendCommand objects.

Exception Summary
SendCommandException Represents an exception for the Send Menu API.

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