Interface Summary
Reader Implementations of this interface can decode an image of a barcode in some format into the String it encodes.
ResultPointCallback Callback which is invoked when a possible result point (significant point in the barcode image such as a corner) is found.
Writer The base class for all objects which encode/generate a barcode image.

Class Summary
BarcodeFormat Enumerates barcode formats known to this package.
Binarizer This class hierarchy provides a set of methods to convert luminance data to 1 bit data.
BinaryBitmap This class is the core bitmap class used by ZXing to represent 1 bit data.
DecodeHintType Encapsulates a type of hint that a caller may pass to a barcode reader to help it more quickly or accurately decode it.
EncodeHintType These are a set of hints that you may pass to Writers to specify their behavior.
LuminanceSource The purpose of this class hierarchy is to abstract different bitmap implementations across platforms into a standard interface for requesting greyscale luminance values.
MultiFormatReader MultiFormatReader is a convenience class and the main entry point into the library for most uses.
MultiFormatWriter This is a factory class which finds the appropriate Writer subclass for the BarcodeFormat requested and encodes the barcode with the supplied contents.
Result Encapsulates the result of decoding a barcode within an image.
ResultMetadataType Represents some type of metadata about the result of the decoding that the decoder wishes to communicate back to the caller.
ResultPoint Encapsulates a point of interest in an image containing a barcode.

Exception Summary
ChecksumException Thrown when a barcode was successfully detected and decoded, but was not returned because its checksum feature failed.
FormatException Thrown when a barcode was successfully detected, but some aspect of the content did not conform to the barcode's format rules.
NotFoundException Thrown when a barcode was not found in the image.
ReaderException The general exception class throw when something goes wrong during decoding of a barcode.
WriterException A base class which covers the range of exceptions which may occur when encoding a barcode using the Writer framework.

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