Package javax.microedition.pim

Interface Summary
Contact Represents a single Contact entry in a PIM Contact database.
ContactList Represents a Contact list containing Contact items.
Event Represents a single Event entry in a PIM Event database.
EventList Represents an Event list containing Event items.
PIMItem Represents the common interfaces of an item for a PIM list.
PIMList Represents the common functionality of a PIM list.
ToDo Represents a single To Do item in a PIM To Do database.
ToDoList Represents a ToDo list containing ToDo items.

Class Summary
PIM Class for accessing PIM lists on a device and performing PIM wide functions.
RepeatRule Represents a description for a repeating pattern for an Event item.

Exception Summary
FieldEmptyException Represents an exception thrown when an attempt is made to access a field that does not have any data values associated with it.
FieldFullException Represents an exception thrown when an attempt is made to add data to a field but the field already has all available slots for data values assigned.
PIMException Represents exceptions thrown by the PIM classes.
UnsupportedFieldException Represents an exception thrown when a field is referenced that is not supported in the particular PIM list that an element belongs to.

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