Interface Summary
EnhancedFocusControl EnhancedFocusControl extends the functionality provided by FocusControl to provide more functionality over the camera focus.
FeatureControl The FeatureControl interface allows you to access the camera-related features for camera-based applications, but not access the camera hardware directly.
ImageDecoder Defines a user specified decoder that can be set in ImageScanner.
ImageDecoderListener A listener whose implementation handles the event that data is successfully decoded from an image.
ViewfinderOverlay.OverlayCanvas.Positionable Positionable items added to a ViewfinderOverlay.OverlayCanvas are positioned after layout to the location returned.

Class Summary
ImageScanner This class is intended for scanning camera frames.
ImageScannerHint Provides a hint to ImageScanner regarding the content that's being processed.
ViewfinderOverlay Provides an overlay for the viewfinder window for augmentation purposes.
ViewfinderOverlay.OverlayCanvas A ComponentCanvas that always has the same extent as the provided viewfinder, and positions its ViewfinderOverlay.OverlayCanvas.Positionable Fields after layout.
ViewfinderOverlay.VideoControlOverlayField ViewfinderOverlay.VideoControlOverlayField is a Field that matches the dimensions of the video window controlled by a given VideoControl, and overlays it directly.

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