Package net.rim.device.api.lbs.maps.model.geospatial

Interface Summary
GsElement Defines the interface implemented by all geospatial features.

Class Summary
GsElementEnumeration Represents an Enumeration of GsElement elements.
GsFolder Represents a folder that contains 0 or more GsElement elements.
GsImage Represents a bitmap image for a specified location on a map.
GsLine Represents a line segment on the map.
GsMarker A mappable entity that can be represented as a marker point.
GsPoint Represents the coordinates for a location point on a map.
GsPolyLine Represents a continuous line that is composed of the line segments between an ordered set of MapPoint objects.
GsPolygon Represents a polygon that is composed of an outer boundary, which is defined as an ordered series of MapPoint elements, and inner boundaries that are represented by 0 or more MapSimplePolygon elements.
GsRoot Represents the top-level container that contains a hierarchy of GsElement items and the StyleSet that is used to render the contents.

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