Package net.rim.device.api.lbs.maps

Contains classes for handling mappable objects in a map


Interface Summary
Boxable Provides an interface that can be implemented to retrieve a bounding box for a specified set of location coordinates (latitude and longitude).

Class Summary
LatLonRectangle Represents a geographic rectangle that is oriented along the latitudinal and longitudinal lines.
MapConstants Defines several constants that you can use with the Maps API that is provided in the net.rim.device.api.lbs.maps package.
MapDimensions Represents spatial information for the visible dimensions of the map image.
MapFactory A collection of factories that are used to create static images of maps and generate map fields for user interaction.

Exception Summary
MapException Base class for all exceptions pertaining to the Maps API.

Package net.rim.device.api.lbs.maps Description

Contains classes for handling mappable objects in a map.

You can use the resources in the Maps API to create and customize maps, such as adding data to a map, manipulating data, and generating static map images.

You can use the following key components to create and customize maps:

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